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Contents Restoration = Reclaiming Your Life

Disaster takes so much from us. Fire destroys everything it touches and paints the rest with its acrid soot. Water literally dissolves your property and belongings, turning cherished heirlooms into sodden refuse. Delta Restoration Services® of Eastern Gulf States is determined not to let disaster claim your belongings..

From fire and smoke damaged electronics to water damaged historical documents, Delta Restoration Services® of Eastern Gulf States can restore your valuables and help you reclaim your life in the wake of unfortunate events.

What Is Contents Restoration?

We refer to the personal belongings and items within your damaged property as “contents.” Often, disasters that severely damage your home or business can also damage many of the items within.

In the restoration industry, we tend to divide them into the following areas:

  • Soft items (upholstered items, cloths & fabrics)
  • Hard items: (wood, furnishings and/or solid surfaces)
  • Collectibles & Antiques
  • Electronic items

Each of these types of items requires specific techniques and processes to safely return them to pre-damaged condition. Delta contents restoration experts know all the tricks, and we’re determined to use all out technology and expertise to get every teddy bear back to every little girl and every heirloom back to every family we help. When your personal belongings are damaged in fire, flood, sewage spill or other unfortunate events, call Delta Restoration Services®. Peace of mind ... During uncertain times®.

Before & After

delta contents before restoration
delta contents after restoration